The Diagnostic Manual for Cats - DMC-I

Have you ever wondered what is really going on in your cat’s head? Have you ever thought your cat, or someone else’s, might possibly be straying left of center on the scale of normal cat behavior? Have you ever found yourself saying things like, “this cat is psycho,” or “that cat has OCD?” “The Diagnostic Manual for Cats – DMC-I” makes everyone an an armchair expert at diagnosing cat behavior.

This book is a must for cat owners who really want to understand why kitty does what he or she does, or decide if it is time to visit the cat shrink. Warning: They are hard to find! This practical guide offers vignettes of cats who have mental disorders and provides illustrations that depict the disorder in action – something sorely lacking in the human DSM-V. If you’re a cat owner, you’ll want to use this book to relieve the guilt or worries you have, believing you may be the cause of your cat’s abnormal behavior. Chances are you’re not and now you’ll know why. With the DMC-I, you can diagnose virtually any cat mental disorder and be a real hit at parties, impressing everyone with your cutting edge knowledge.


“The Diagnostic Manual for Cats – DMC-I” provides the skills to recognize and diagnose cat abnormalities and mental illness, which will ultimately make you a more knowledgeable and understanding cat owner. No more scolding kitty for missed litter box events or “accidentally” shredded personal effects. No more making excuses for kitty’s outrageous behavior when guests arrive, and no more wondering if you’re the only person on the planet who adopted “the cat from hell.” Now you will be able to get inside kitty’s head. Now you will have the answers.

The Diagnostic Manual for Cats - DMC-I


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