Calling all Dog Lovers

Hey folks! Cat lovers who have read my Diagnostic Manual for Cats - DMC-I and dog lovers who are wondering, what the..?, what about one for dogs. Great news - it's coming! But I need your help. I need some inspiring stories about crazy dogs and their diagnosable (new word, just added to the lexicon) behaviors. If I use your material, it will be at utmost discretion with all identifying names changed. You may have your crazy dog immortalized in my Diagnostic Manual for Dogs - DMD-I. Just send me your stories and if you send me your email address, I will personally write back and tell you what parts I will use and what diagnose I will give your pooch. Okay, so get typing and give me some material. And if that isn't enough, if you send me a photo of the pooch, I just might sketch something that remotely resembles it so you can show your friends that your amazingly disturbed pet was the inspiration for the particular diagnostic category.

Dog with obvious hangover due to Substance Abuse Disorder

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