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Mrs. Myers - Act I tells the story of a woman seeking to rewrite the script of her life and finding herself fully engaged in it as she's being stalked by a detective. Lydia Myers leads the reader on an adventure through Paris, making friends, alluding her husband, and discovering her own talents as an artist and a spy.   

Mrs. Myers - Act II continues the story of how Lydia manages to work around her husband's machinations to thwart her attempt to free herself. She finds herself homeless, penniless, and fighting for her life as she takes on new roles and masks her identity once again to fight back against forces she can only surmount through her ingenuity.  

The Diagnostic Manual for Cats (DMC-I) is the first of its kind - an illustrated guide to understanding and diagnosing your cat's strange behavior without needing a cat  shrink to tell you if your cat is normal or not. You'll find yourself becoming an expert diagnostician and authority on crazy kitty conduct.



This is me with Laertes who is being amazingly patient, even though he isn't thrilled to be in a stranglehold for the camera. I'm an artist, writer, and licensed professional counselor who loves all creatures big or little, slimy or furry. All except stinkbugs. They are my nemeses. My writing is intended to enter-tain at least me, if no one else.

I've always loved writing. My 9th grade English  teacher summed up my literary gems as "verbose." Little did he know how bad I would get! My Mrs. Myers series is purely for  escape - mine, and maybe yours, too. I fall in love with my characters, all of them, and lay awake at night wondering  what will happen to them.

I live in the mountains and am constantly fending off stink bugs as I write,

hence the name, Stinkbug Mountain Books. 

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